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Specification of PIPA STAINLESS

is a type of steel material that is resistant to the effects of oxidation. stainless steel is a metal alloy of several metal elements which are combined with a certain composition. From the metal combination, new metals are obtained with properties or characteristics that are superior to the previous metal elements. The following is a full discussion of the characteristics of stainless steel.

some characteristics of stainless steel

1. High chrom

Stainless steel has a minimum of 10% chromium content. Content Chromium element is the main protector of symptoms caused by the influence of environmental conditions.

2. Rust

if other metals require a galvanic process to protect against corrosion, stainless steel has naturally corrosion-resistant properties without manufacturing methods. stainless steel rust resistance is obtained due to the high content of chromium. Stainess steel has a stable oxide layer on the surface so that it is resistant to the influence of oxygen. This oxide layer is a Self-Healing which remains untill even though the surface of the object is cut or damaged.

3. Low maintenance and durable (minimal maintenance and durable)

Equipment made of stainless steel does not require complex offers. Characteristics of stainless steel that is rust resistant makes it more durable or long lasting and is not easily damaged by oxidation.

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